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Basketry, cabin building, VW tripping in our Westy, hiking in the BSF..(so far)

Bob and Joyce Lantz

The 2001 Cabin inside wall covering project!

And be sure to see this interesting cabin shot!

The Ice-covered Riverside Bluff.

Redcar 2000!

Recent adventures

Our coastal "walk" with the Walkers

Mom's '99 cabin visit (and cameo appearance of the GGB)!

The outside eave construction

Building Jerrison, the singlewide!

A springtime wildflower hike

Visit the NC cabin pages

Trip cross-country in a VW bus...

Beginning basketry

1999 Big South Fork Hike

Links to a few (mostly fun) websites

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It's now 2004 and we have our own time warp ... We're still working on the cabin and still driving the VW bus. And, although we're using a new web server, we haven't updated this web site since 2001. We WILL rework this site this year and bring it up to date. So please keep in touch.

(These words date back to 2001:) We have added and experimented with this page a bit and will do more as time passes. We want to try out intra-site search engines, forms, and so forth. Joyce will put up more of her basket weaving endeavors and we will be including other links that are sure to be of interest to someone! Meanwhile, this is the page that starts you on your trip. Be sure to continue on from here. Check out our NEW page listed (upper left) for this year's cabin progress!

Try out a Search Engine specific to this site. It will give the page and a link to that page where the searched word appears. Type in Lori or type in Mom and you will find a few pages where these people are referenced.

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A better taste of the UK MAY someday be on its way!

Beer by Bob aka Old Peculier!

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